Frankenmuth Living Magazine

Frankenmuth Living

Community Calendar, Local Light the Night, and Shop Local

Issue 20 - December 2023

Frankenmuth Living

Street Trees, Economic Developments, and FSD Strategic Plan

Issue 19 - August 2023

Frankenmuth Living - Keeper Edition

Business Directory, New & Renovated FSD Facilities, and Chamber & CVB Annual Report

Issue 18 - April 2023

Frankenmuth Living

Straight From The City, It's Magical When a Plan Comes Together, and Expanding Opportunities

Issue 17 - December 2022

Frankenmuth Living - Keeper Edition

Business Directory, Sister City Anniversary, and FSD Construction Update

Issue 16 - June 2022

Frankenmuth Living

Straight from the City, Bringing Sparkle to Frankenmuth, and Frankenmuth School District, A Place for All

Issue 15 - December 2021

Frankenmuth Living

A Letter from the New Superintendent, So, How's Business?, and Christmas in Frankenmuth: Let the Magic Grow

Issue 14 - September 2021

Frankenmuth Living

What Matters Most: Interview with the Mayor, The Christmas Experience Plans to Expand, and If Only We Had a Crystal Ball

Issue 13 - June 2021

Frankenmuth Living - Keeper Edition

Business Directory, Sale Fest Sign Up, and 21 Years of Goodness, 

Issue 12 - April 2021

Frankenmuth Living

Shop Smart Shop Safe, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and Remembering Legends

Issue 11 - December 2020

Frankenmuth Living

Q&A with the City Clerk, FieldTurf Comes to Frankenmuth, and 175 Years in the Making

Issue 10 - September 2020

Frankenmuth Living

Growing Frankenmuth, What's Your Favorite Frankenmuth Thing?, Why Chicken & Christmas?, and Workforce Development

Issue 6 - September 2019

Frankenmuth Community Bulletin

News from the City, Summer Events in Frankenmuth, and FAQ's about the August Election

Issue 5 - June 2019

Frankenmuth Community Bulletin - Keeper Edition

Business Directory, Notes from the City, Frankenmuth Historic District, and The Frankenmuth Levee

Issue 4 - April 2019

Frankenmuth Living

Preparing to Reopen Fun Town, News about the Frankenmuth Levee, and What's Happening at the Schools?

Issue 9 - June 2020

Frankenmuth Living - Keeper Edition

Business Directory, Muth Means Courage, What is Frankenmuth Heart & Soul, and Introducing Frankenmuth Certified

Issue 8 - April 2020

Frankenmuth Living

Inside the Chamber & CVB, Heart & Soul: A Community Initiative, Meet the School Board, and Our Fourth in Frankenmuth

Issue 7 - December 2019

Frankenmuth Community Bulletin

Wintertime Awareness, The Secret to Spring in Little Bavaria, Be a Visitor in Our Own Town, and Student Exchanges Open New Worlds

Issue 3 - December 2018

Frankenmuth Community Bulletin

Know Your City, Absentee Ballot Information, Romantic Fall Date Night Ideas, and Growing Scientists with Heartbeats

Issue 2- August 2018

Frankenmuth Community Bulletin

Community Calendar, Palmer Gateway Arch Installment Completion, and Springtime Activities in Frankenmuth

Issue 1 - April 2018